Underfloor heating for carpets

Underfloor heating systems for carpets are installed directly under the surface of the carpet, between the underfelt and the carpet. Since the heating system is so close to the surface, it has a response time of 20-30 minutes before usage. Since it is insulated from the screed by the underfelt, the minimum loss of heat takes place.

The element is mounted between layers of aluminum sheets with a waterproof polyethylene centre. These sheets are military grade compliant and are thus 100% safe to use under a carpet and to be walked upon. These sheets are available in various sizes, shapes and power outputs to fit any room or layout.

Imperial’s underfloor heaters for carpets can be used under modern polypropylene, hessian backed woven, coir and sisal carpets, but not under rubber, foam or stick-down carpets.

This underfloor heating system is an affordable and comfortable solution for heating carpets.

Underfloor heating for carpets

Underfloor heating for carpets

Benefits and features of underfloor heating for carpets

  • Safety tested and completely waterproof
  • Reinforced casing to withstand heavy traffic
  • High flexibility
  • Eliminated risk of electric shock
  • Long working life
  • Hidden from view
  • No storage necessary when not used
  • Timers and thermostats regulate temperatures
  • Quick and simple installations
  • Minimal downward heat loss
  • System is switched on when needed
  • Chemical attack resistant
  • Element is military grade compliant
  • No over heating or fire hazards
  • Operates at 160W per sqm
  • SABS approved
  • Can increase value of your home


How safe is an under-carpet heating system?

The under carpet heating has been designed so that it does not overheat. This allows for the under carpeting heating to be left on continuously. Different timers and thermostats are available as different options for extra control of the under-carpet heating system.

The under-carpet system’s wires are also 100% waterproof for protection against any electrical shock.

Can an under carpet heating system be used with my existing carpets?

Yes absolutely! The existing carpets will be lifted, the heating system installed and the carpet refitted. Our teams are properly trained to do this professionally.

Where is the heating pads placed under the carpets?

Heating pads are placed in areas where you will be in contact with the carpet. Areas that are unreachable such as under heavy furniture or under a bed is thus excluded and not necessary.

How long does it take to heat up?

Under carpet heating is very quick and will only take 20-30 minutes (depending on the carpet type and thickness) to reach a comfortable level.

Can any carpet type be used?

The under-carpet heating can be used under any modern polypropylene or hessian-backed and woven carpets. Coir and Sisal Carpets can also be used. Foam-backed and rubber carpets will not allow for under-carpet heating.

Can I heat up loose laying rugs?

Under carpet heating pads are most suitable for wall-to-wall carpets, but can also be used under lose rugs. The right size and shape heating pad must be used though.

Can I wash my carpets with the heating pads installed?

The under carpet heating system are made of the highest quality material to ensure they are durable and safe to use in all circumstances. The heating pads are water resistant while the heating elements are completely waterproof and thus 100% safe when carpets are being washed. It is important to wait until the carpets are completely dry before the system is turned on to prevent carpets from getting marked.

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