Underfloor heating for tiles

Energy efficiency in today’s economy is probably one of the most important factors when deciding on your underfloor heating system.

Underfloor heating is the modern heating solution, creating the perfect temperature making you feel warm and comfortable from the moment you enter your house.

Imperial installs the tile underfloor heating system directly under the tile surface (instead of below the screed as previously done), thus increasing the reaction time of the warming process by up to 70-80%, resulting in a much more effective and cost saving way of heating the area you require. This also ensures that your underfloor heating system is very cost effective.

The underfloor heating system is covered with protective fiberglass mesh and applied directly under the tile surface, between the tile and the screed. To ensure proper bonding between the screed and the underfloor heating system, the floors are prepped with a primer. This method of application ensures that your tiles will not lift after some use and also prevents delamination. Using this method, there is no raising of the floor level.

An underfloor heating system is a very hygienic way of creating a comfortable ambient temperature in your home as there are no fans and thus no dust and allegens that are circulated constantly. It also does not dry the air and provides climatic condition that reduce the growth of dust mites and moulds.

Underfloor heating for tiles
Underfloor heating for tiles

Benefits and features of underfloor heating for tiles

  • Controlled by a digital programmable thermostat
  • Due to insulation, no corrosion or oxidation damage
  • In case of damage, breakage can be easily detected and repaired
  • Cost effective heating for tile floors
  • Safe to use, even in wet areas
  • Installed while monitoring for breakages
  • SABS approved
  • ISO9001:2001 compliant
  • Increases the value of your home
  • No hot surfaces that children and animals can touch
  • Can be used with most floor types
  • Evenly heated areas
  • No aesthetic compromise on design
  • Operates at 200W per sqm
  • Cover +/-70% floor area
  • Increase value of your home


Can I install underfloor heating under existing tiles?

It is most preferable to install the underfloor heating system before tiles are laid. If it is already tiled, the tiles can be safely removed and an underfloor heating system for tiles can be installed. If a hydronic system is to be installed, the level of the floor has to be lowered before installation which will incur extra cost. Loose rugs with under carpet heating pads can also be used.

Will an underfloor heating system damage my floor?

No, the thermostat ensures that your floor’s temperature is maintained at a comfortable and safe level.

Does my tile floor require expansion joints?

All tile floors require expansion joints to accommodate everyday temperature changes, this is even more critical when using mechanical heating.

Must the underfloor heating system be switched off every day?

When going away for a day or a weekend, it is advisable to adjust the thermostat to a lower setting. Upon return, it can be turned up again which will ensure comfortable levels speedily.

Is under tile heating safe in the bathroom?

Did you ever got out of a warm shower and had to stand on a freezing cold floor? Not a pleasant experience…. thus a bathroom is one place you need to have heated tiles. It is perfectly safe to install under tile heaters in the bathroom as it is earthed completely waterproof and comply with legislation.

What happens in case of damage to the system?

Fault finding can pin point the problem area through the tiles to minimize damage to your tiles. Only the necessary tiles can be removed so that the underfloor system can be repaired successfully.

Can I install under tile heating myself?

With time and the technical know-how anyone can install their own heating system, but it can be a very costly exercise due to the proper equipment needed, costly mistakes, unnecessary damages and lost time. Our team has been doing this for many years, has the necessary equipment and know all the pitfalls which will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses and time.

You can see the colossal undertaking that installing an underfloor heating system is from our gallery. This is some of our professional installation.

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